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An Outsourcing Solutions provider with the primary focus being to reduce our clients’ operational costs thereby directly increasing their productivity, at India Data Entry (IDE), we stand for consistent unmatched quality, organised and highly process-oriented services and consistent unsurpassed commitment. Our end-to-end, well integrated Outsourcing Solutions address our clients’ mission-critical requirements. Since we customize our services to bring you exceptional results, despite the competition, we continue to be top dog in a highly competitive industry.

Fuelled by a passion to succeed, IDE was established in 2004 by three young professionals. Our humble beginnings saw us operating out of a small rented house in Bangalore, India with just five team members. Today, our service framework has expanded to accommodate 150 full-time employees and more than 50 consultants.  Based in Bangalore, India, we work towards the single goal of achieving Business Success for our valued clients across the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

IDE– The Answer to Impeccable Quality

Once the customer approaches us for a specific business requirement, we ease the burden off the client’s shoulders and take on complete ownership and accountability to make the business successful. We pride ourselves on our ability to easily adapt to new technologies and platforms. Our tremendous attention to detail, independent execution, excellent process orientation capabilities and focus on quality compliance, ensure that we succeed in helping our customers succeed.

At IDE, we understand that no two projects are alike and we will implement adequate Quality measures to meet your custom requirements and deliver superior services.

Value partner Relationship

Our clients consider us a value partner with the relevant business and domain understanding and appreciate us for our clear understanding of our client’s business sustainability. We undertake an in-depth study of our customer and the market the business caters to, to provide proactive recommendations and accurate business solutions that enhance the client’s business growth.

Hiring Talent to Help Us Succeed

Besides employing the best resources for the relevant service domains, IDE provides in-depth training and helps develop new skills - so that our team members excel in a performance-oriented environment ensuring total client satisfaction. The company nurtures professional advancement and encourages open communication between the management and the employees in order to maintain enthusiastic teamwork and value contributions.


Customer Support

Customer service outsourcing has gained ground in recent times, due to the uncertain economic scenario leading to companies concentrating on their core competencies. Customer service outsourcing helps improve customer satisfaction levels at reduced costs. Since they do not need to develop and maintain these resources, Organisations are focussing on enhancing the customer service experience to build lasting relationships with consumers, increase customer loyalty and develop their branding.

IDE’s Customer support offerings are exclusively through Email and Chat Support services.

               24/7 Chat Services

  • Order Completion Assistance
  • E-Commerce Sales Assistance
  • Guiding Website Visitors on Navigation
  • Real-time answers to Customer’s queries will improve Customer Experience & Loyalty

            24/7 Email Support

  • Technical Support, Customer Care, Order Fulfilment and Verification Services
  • Resolving Escalated cases
  • Real-time Email response services
  • Personalized Email Responses to every Customer round the clock

perational Excellence to Help Businesses Succeed

At IDE, we follow a methodical and completely enhanced channel of customer support through our enterprise solutions. We follow a system of sending out customized email replies to all customers throughout the year. Our team of professionals receives continuous training and interactive technical experiences to increase customer satisfaction.

To counter unpredictable challenges arising on software platforms, online tools and ordering, we provide support via email to help provide immediate solutions. Our team is dedicated to delivering site customers with technical support, order fulfilment and verification of pending and new orders.

What We Offer:

  • Immediate improvement to Customers’ core functionalities
  • Enhanced support to fulfil the needs of global corporations
  • Customer support 24 hours per day and 7 days a week.
  • Affordable, quality services that are budget friendly
  • Our  happy customers lead to repeat business and possible referrals

Get in touch with us today to experience excellent and hassle-free Customer Support


Wine Data Entry Services

Wines have to be appropriately stored to preserve their quality and in some cases enhance the aroma, flavour, and complexity as they age. Fine wines are often set aside for long-term aging. Today, wineries and several establishments pride themselves in producing and serving aged wine.

A highly exclusive and yet complex data collection and collation provided by IDE, we gather data for different wines available across the world. We help our clients, be it classy restaurants, boutique hotels, sprawling resorts or even wineries maintain their database of wines, along with its many elaborate attributes that make the wine unique. Ranging from Chablis from France, Chianti from Italy or Champagne, Sherry or Port; from various other countries or regions like Alsace, Australia, Germany and California, we collate all the distinctive wine data.

Our team of experts are well-versed in searching wines which is -- entered in a - format acceptable to our client’s databases. Our clients leverage this data for their websites, applications or offerings to their customers which are accessed through devices like IPADs, Smart phones, Tablets and computers. We pull the label/bottle image for each wine along with Varietal, Country, Region, Sub-region, appellation, vintage, price, Bottle Size, Accolades and Tasting notes information for various wines, champagnes, beers and spirits.

What We Offer:

  • Wine Database creation and Maintenance
  • Wine Research and Reviews
  • Wine Database Validation & Clean-up
  • We research the important attributes for every wine and enter them into a database (e.g. Accolades, Tasting Notes, Vintage, Varietal, Wine Type, Country, Region Appellation, Food pairing, Label Image, etc.)
  • Extensive familiarity ranging from the most exclusive Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or Merlot to the most generic wines, across America, Europe, Australia, etc.

Get in touch with us today and we can offer you instant access to trusted, comprehensive and elaborate user-friendly data on wines at the click of a button!


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About us

India Data Entry (IDE) is a leading Business Process Management company - integrating the best in human resources and technology expertise to serve global companies and Indian corporate giants.


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