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Written by Super User. Posted in Blog on 06 September 2016.
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E-Commerce is taking over the market of product sales, especially during times like black Friday or cyber Wednesday. Not only is it more convenient to order your products from your home, office, or off of your phone in transit, it is often cheaper to do so as well. With a plethora of competition flooding the market every day you have to make sure you keep a competitive edge with your website and shopping experience. This leads us to question whether image editing can help your E-commerce store.

Well, that question is entirely easily answered if you think about the last time you shopped for a product online. With the internet reaching top speeds it is easy to compare products amongst different sales sites with the touch of a button. Not only do you want to provide the best price possible but you want your photography and images to stand out, making your company look as if they are selling a stronger or classier product, even though it is the same as anywhere else. Image editing, in this respect, will become your best friend when you are placing products on your site.


If you take the real estate market as a prime example of selling a product with a picture, then you will see how they have expanded their photography efforts from point and shoot to video tours and drone footage. The better the quality of your product looks the more likely a customer is to choose your product over another company's. Editing can be as simple as clearing a picture or as complex as creating a background and different color options from one picture option.

Some of the options that you can use in creating a more precise product picture are:

Zoom-in: Allows the customer to see in depth details of a product when they don't have the ability to hold the product in their hands.
Shadowing: The proper shadowing creates profound, lasting effects on a product image and can provide emphasis on the positive attributes of the product while hiding those that are not.
Alignments: Consistency is key and using the same arrangement in every photo creates clarity even when the photos may be stock.
Colors: Not only sharpening colors but creating images of all color choices improves customer satisfaction and also can up your sales revenue when they are able to purchase more than one color of a product.
Background: A plain white background can be your best friend when wanting the customer to focus solely on the product.

Filling your online ecommerce store with amazing looking images and all the extra options that the clients crave when they are seeking to purchase products online will ultimately provide you with a successful business. Remember that when a customer is buying something online they don’t have the ability to hold the product in their hands so make sure your images give them all the information they need. It would be easy for a customer to buy the product from a large retailer online so you need to give them ample reasons to buy the product from your sight instead.

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