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Written by Super User. Posted in Blog on 20 August 2018.
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Online shopping is quickly becoming a trend as most consumer view this as a great way to save time and money. However, there are several advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. While there is money to be made by taking your store online, it is necessary to consider why online shopping is better compared to the traditional approach by keeping your customers in mind.

pros and cons of online shopping

Advantages of online shopping

Due to the rapid growth of the internet, businesses have switched over to the virtual selling of goods as services. The internet is considered a vehicle to conduct commercial transactions. For businesses, taking their store online means more space to display a wide variety of their products. For the consumer, this means they’ll analyze and search better and finally make a logical purchase. Taking your store online helps the consumer make a choice on the product he/she wants by going

through your entire catalog at one click.

Outlined below are pros of shopping online.

1. Convenient

In the comfort of their own homes or workplace, consumers can make a purchase. Online shopping has made it easier and convenient to shop for goods and services. Moreover, one can also cancel a transaction if they are dissatisfied with it. Customers can purchase items from the comfort of their own homes or workplace. In addition, businesses are able to showcase a wide range of their products, well cataloged for the consumer to choose with ease.

2. No Pressure while Shopping

Quite often, physical stores have sales representatives who tend to influence a buyer’s decision in making purchases. This is without some pressure, on the contrary to online shopping the consumer is not pressured to make a purchase.

3. Saves Time

With online shopping, customers don't need to stand in queue to pay at the Cash counters for products or services purchased. Moreover, they don’t have to spend time traveling to and from shopping centers. Customers need to type in keywords and get a whole line of associated products and make a purchase.

4. E-commerce Store Management

In E-commerce store management, outsourcing e-commerce services like order, delivery, and shipping, consumers can better track their order and delivery status online. India Data Entry offers world-class e-commerce store management services to both small and huge e-commerce stores.

Disadvantages of online shopping

Ease of consumer use is the primary reason why e-commerce is successful. Albeit, the internet provides a faster and easier way to transact, there are disadvantages to it.

1. Delivery Delays

When large online retailers fail to outsource e-commerce services like inventory management, this can result in shipment delays. Despite selecting and making a purchase may take 10-15 minutes, delivery of the good may take up to a month. This frustrates the consumer to a point where they opt not to shop online.

2. No Significant discounts

Physical stores have discounts which attract customers, online retailers on the other hand rarely have discounts making it difficult for them to compete with offline platforms.

3. No Touch and Feel of Merchandise

There is no way online shoppers can touch, feel or try out a product to check the quality of a product. For instance, clothes or shoes which an online shopper cannot try them out.



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