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E-Commerce Data/Store Management Services

E-Commerce Data/Store Management Services

Indeed technology has revolutionized how people shop for products and services.
Technology has advanced on a global scale with people shopping online via computers, smart phones, and tablets. Very few people are streaming down the nearest mall to buy everyday common items like shoes and clothes.
The internet has enabled businesses to have an online presence through which their customers can access them. However, all this is not possible without an efficient and well-organized online store management services.

Businesses need very strategic e-commerce data management and store management services to gain a more competitive foothold in the marketplace. Outsourcing itself is common in online retail companies, who outsource business functions like e-store management, customer interaction and also payment processes.

Importance of E-commerce Data Management Services

For an online store, it's important to keep the website updated regularly and also maintain an effective product data management system.

This will boost your e-commerce company and ensures it secures its position in this fast-rising market. Every product listed on your e-store needs to be accurately categorized for the customers to notice and browse through them with ease. In addition, the product or service must display the correct information about it i.e., specifications, descriptions, reviews, images.

Accurate information placed has the ability to grab the attention of the customer, and this is the most important aspect of any online retail shop. At IDE, our experience in the e-commerce platform, its development, and service solutions that can help you:  

  • Manage your online enterprise better
  • Increase your business prospects to altogether new heights
  • Keep abreast of market trends and monitoring the competitors
  • Maintain a tab on the current market scenario and ensure systematic price comparisons to increase sales

E-commerce Data Management Offered by IDE

Our portfolio of professional e-commerce data management services includes:

Products Uploading/Listing services

Part of our e-commerce data management services involves gathering detailed information, from multiple sources i.e., digital and physical catalogs, websites, brochures, to upload the products or list the services. We also have the skills and resources to collate and add all the related product information like product images, features, specifications, prices as well as the product descriptions.

Catalog Management services

IDE also provides catalog management and data entry services to manage different products for our clients to ensure their e-commerce website stays competitive and information-rich

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is basically the art and/or science of publishing and marketing information that ranks at the top in search engines. In a sense it gives you an edge, for example, IDE SEO services ensure your business website always appears on the first page at the top when potential customers look you up in search engines. IDE e-commerce data management services ensure your online store get many visitors.

Online Store Maintenance

E-commerce store maintenance revolves around many important practices. A customer selects a product, your website processes it and finally delivers the product to the customer. The chances of a successful transaction and customer satisfaction are determined by how your e-commerce store is maintained. Outsourcing e-commerce store maintenance services to IDE is a grand way to establish and promote your online store further.

Social Media Optimization

Introducing social media widgets on your e-commerce store facilitate social experiences that can boost your product, make it stand out and increase consumer use. Social media optimization confers the following benefits:

  • Provides direct access to product information sharing from individual pages
  • Provides a platform where real-time updates and one-on-one interaction (chat zone) can take place
  • Send invites to users and their list of friends for the use of your product
  • Create competition to facilitate greater product use among users

Consumers are likely to scramble for the opportunity to purchase your products when they notice you have optimized social media on your online store.

Marketing and Customer Support Services

Online retailers can outsource e-commerce customer support services to IDE and focus on other core business functions. We specialized in 24/7 E-Mail and Chat Support services.

Industries We Provide E-commerce data management services

Our broad expertise in data management has enabled us to work with clients from different industries to increase their productivity and boost overall sales. Key industries we provide our quality services to include:

Customs Brokerage
Energy & Utilities
Real Estate
Real Estate
Media & Entertainment
Media &
Online Retail

Benefits of Outsourcing E-commerce Data Management Services

Outlined below are the importance of outsourcing E-Commerce data management services to IDE:

Cost Effective

  • Creating an in-house management team involves hiring dedicated staff, regardless of the seasonal volume shifts. This is quite expensive even for e-commerce store owners, outsourcing, however, enables you to reduce expenditures and converting them to variable costs.
  • Moreover, outsourcing online store management services to IDE saves storage and insurance costs.
  • In addition, professional companies offering e-commerce store management services tend to receive discounts on shipping rates which they pass down to their clients as well.

Expansion Opportunities

  • Warehouse location and space is always a major concern for e-commerce retailers. It is where they hold their inventory and where it is shipped from.
  • Outsourcing responsibilities such as on-time delivery, order tracking, staff management etc. to IDE will enable you to focus on the growth and expansion of your business.
  • Additionally, outsourcing e-commerce data management services will provide you with an opportunity to provide quality customer services.

Market Penetration

  • Outsourcing e-commerce data management to professionals can further help you expand your business by tapping into new markets.
  • Online retail businesses have the capacity to reach out to consumers all over the globe, however, delivering to each individual can be a daunting task. IDE can help you and in return helps you penetrate the market with ease.

Platforms We Work On

E-Commerce Data/Store Management Services

Why Outsource Data Management Services to IDE?

Our services are engineered to your specific business requirements encompassing your customers' expectations of your brand while employing leading e-commerce technologies, with the focus on increasing revenue, reducing cost, and managing the risks related to online businesses.

  • Our team is adept at working on all the current e-commerce Data management tools and platforms
  • We provide the most competitively priced and dependable e-commerce data management services
  • We ensure enhanced services that assure clients that their site will maintain a continuous flow, so clients can focus on what they do best while we manage the integrity and presentation of their online products and store
  • Our team is composed of skilled and highly knowledgeable experts that work diligently in their areas of design and data management
  • We capture the product attributes and information from reliable sources such as high-quality competitors and manufacturers’ websites, as well as printed and online catalogs
  • We offer Chat and E-mail Support Services to ensure the Customers experience is beyond expectations

Outsourcing e-commerce data management services are beneficial to your online retail business. It aids in company expansion, cost management as well as drive high customer satisfaction levels. Contact India Data Entry for world-class e-commerce store management services to both small and huge e-commerce stores.

E-Commerce Data/Store Management Services

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