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India data entry is a leader in offering business outsourcing solutions to global conglomerates in the field of data entry, e-commerce solutions, wine data services and many other back-office services. We have been leading the outsourcing sector as the power house in terms of efficacy for over ten years. With our services extending to clients in USA, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and India, we have cherished the aspect of adding substantial value in the work we render to our clients.

We assist clients to effectively increase throughput by offering high quality and cost effective outsourced services, thus enabling them to increase their productivity. We help them garner competitive edge by shouldering their delegated work and play our part as value creators. Leaders in our chosen field, we understand what works for our clients and their businesses. We are focused and keen on providing reliable and consistent services that enable our clients to focus on their core business.

We have been one of the key pioneers in this industry for more than ten years now. Our professionalism and flawless work ethics governs every project that we take under our wing. With the underlying objective to ensure our clients stay top on their commitments, we offer fast, reliable and custom services. We value the importance of ownership and accountability in the work we do and that’s reflected in our offerings. Our focus on raising the bar of customer delight each time is what sets us apart from others. We undertake complete ownership of the projects we handle and believe in accountability. With acute attention to details, adherence to compliance, exceptional communication and focus on quality, we have been and will always deliver excellence.

We believe in setting up a proactive engagement model, a definitive process in place helps our clients to stay on top of things and always be aware of how we are progressing with the project in hand. We believe that consistent perfection and effortless client engagement is the key to drive a sustainable relationship and we strive to achieve it.
Our diligent and dedicated team is the reason behind our success as they go that extra mile for every project and ensure its success. Supporting us with their extraordinary perseverance at each step, they translate every opportunity into a success story. Our industry oriented team has great interpersonal rapport within, which enables them to form similar association with our clients as well. Outsourcing is often viewed as a set up with one enterprise peering over another occasionally and having long meetings when things get a little difficult. It is this mind-set that we are out to change; we want to be as involved in your business as your internal team is. To put it simply, we are your extended team working in parallel to achieve the targets and growth you envision.
Our vision is to be a global service provider for outsourcing solutions and secure customer delight by offering clients relevant solutions that enable them to make prudent business decisions.
With the idea to drive our name forward in the competitive global arena through our exclusive services, we want to establish a colossal brand. With our agile thinking and business incisiveness, we desire to exercise our flexible and proactive approach in this intensely competitive marketplace. Our ultimate objective is to be a global, reliable provider of KPM, BPM and IT services which would eventually enable our clients to focus on their core business and scale it to new heights.

Our Services

Data Entry

We at IDE, get all your valuable data entered, scanned, filed, processed, indexed, and ready to be accessed into any system or database you need, with guaranteed accuracy levels.

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E-Commerce Services

Our services are engineered to your specific business requirements encompassing your customers’ expectations of your brand while employing leading e-commerce technologies.

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Customer Support

Customer support outsourcing has gained ground in recent times, due to the uncertain economic scenario leading to companies concentrating on their core competencies.

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Wine Database Maintenance

A highly exclusive and yet complex wine data collection and collation provided by IDE, we gather data for different wines available across the world.

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Game Testing

Our game testing techniques are technologically advanced and we have the relevant knowledge and resources required to provide integrated game tests on an error-free platform.

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Leads Validation Service

IDE provides full-service lead validation and verification, so you never waste time chasing a false lead again. We understand every company has its own challenges managing their lead database.

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