Data Entry

Strategic Data Solutions for Informed Business Success

Accurate and logical business data collection and storage is significant today for informed decision-making and achieving specific goals. We specialize in data enrichment, data cleansing, Data Mining & Research, and Image Processing services. Outsource Data Entry for precise document management. Our Data Entry Outsourcing ensures stringent quality measures, providing error-free data. Choose us for Outsource Data Validation and Outsource Data Processing to enhance the efficiency of your business processes.

Entering and storing data error-free takes time, effort, and precision. To maintain focus on the more critical business goals, organizations across the globe are hiring off-shore outsourcing companies to perform routine data entry tasks for them.

Focus To Outsource


We, at IDE get all your valuable data entered, scanned, filed, processed, indexed, and ready to be accessed; into any system or database you need, with guaranteed accuracy levels. When you Outsource your Data entry services to us, you will be dealing with domain specialists with the expertise to provide you with excellent Accurate data entry services and management solutions at competitive pricing.

The Data Entry Services we offer include:

  • Online & Offline Data Entry
  • Data Mining & Research
  • Lead Generation & Management
  • CRM Data Entry & Management Services
  • Image Processing
  • Data Conversion
  • Catalog Data Entry Services
  • Directory Services
  • Data Enrichment Services
  • Form Processing
  • Data Cleansing
  • MSDS Data Entry Services
  • XML Data Entry Services
  • MS Access Data Entry Services
data entry services

What We Offer:

  • We follow clients’ processes and methodologies and proactively suggest improvements to ensure an optimized approach
  • We ensure cost-effectiveness and quality output
  • The data entry tasks are performed by expert data entry professionals- qualified people with relevant computer skills at an affordable cost doing away with the expense of temporary resources or additional staff
  • We can increase or decrease personnel to suit the needs of your project
  • We provide appropriate security to protect intellectual, proprietary and business data
  • We can address your immediate project needs or provide on going back office support services for your team

Document Management Services

Today to succeed and gain an edge over the competition, businesses must have control over key statistics and facts regarding customers, vendors, products, pricings, markets and financials, literally at the click of a mouse. To manage the handling of such vast data in a more organised and secure way, businesses seek efficient document management service providers.

Outsourcing your document management requirements to IDE will help you streamline, manage, and control crucial information even more efficiently while you cut down on the capital investments required to maintain the relevant infrastructural assets and internal resources. At IDE, our focus is to help your business operate more proficiently, and strengthen your business goals as you plan for growth in the future.

What We Offer:

  • We provide quality document scanning, document indexing, and document management services through our trained workforce & application expertise
  • We work with every client to provide the services that best fit their current and future requirements
  • We have the relevant expertise to adapt to any document management software ,to enable rapid data retrieval
  • Faster turnaround time ensuring your complete satisfaction with the quality, accuracy and timeliness of every project
  • Competitive pricing
  • We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and provide stringent access control features to safeguard data security and confidentiality

Adding Value to Document Management

From data data processing services and digitization through to formatting, indexing, database creation, storage, and retrieval – we offer a full range of cost-competitive, high-quality document management services to put you in total control of the information flow/process of your organization. IDE specializes in document life cycle management and creates effective document directories/databases – thoroughly quality-checked, completely secure, and instantly accessible from multiple locations.

Client-Focused Services

IDE caters to leading corporations across the globe and features an extensive service portfolio so that you may leverage the intellectual capital to impact your bottom line. Our full range of document management services includes:

  • CAD Conversion
  • Litigation Support/Legal Indexing
  • Data Capture
  • Forms Processing
  • Mass Data Conversion
  • XML/HTML Coding
  • E-Publishing

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