E-Commerce Data Management Service

In today’s technologically advanced global scenario, about 80% of the overall world population shops online through computers, smartphones and tablets, to shop as well as explore and compare products and services. In the Information era that we currently live in, businesses need very strategic ecommerce data management and store management services to gain a more competitive foothold in the marketplace. E-commerce now, has become unquestionably the most accepted avenue for business and retailers worldwide to showcase and market their products and services in a bid to gain customer recognition and appreciation.

Our Experience In E-commerce

At IDE, our experience in the e-commerce platform, its development and service solutions that can help you:

  • Manage your online enterprise better
  • Increase your business prospects to altogether new heights
  • Keep abreast of market trends and monitoring the competitors
  • Maintain a tab on the current market scenario and ensure systematic price comparisons to increase sales
Our portfolio of professional ecommerce data entry services includes Products Uploading/Listing services, Catalogue Management services, Search Engine Optimization, Online Store Maintenance, Social Media Optimization, Marketing and Customer Support Services.

Tailor-Made And Business Specific Solution

Our services are engineered to your specific business requirements encompassing your customers’ expectations of your brand while employing leading ecommerce technologies, with the focus on increasing revenue, reducing cost, and managing the risks related to online businesses.

What We Offer:

  • Our team is adept at working on all the current E-commerce management tools and platforms
  • We provide the most competitively priced and dependable E-commerce data management services
  • We ensure enhanced services that assures clients that their site will maintain a continuous flow, so clients can focus on what they do best while we manage the integrity and presentation of their online products and store
  • Our team is composed of skilled and highly knowledgeable experts that work diligently in their areas of design and data management
  • Our team is composed of skilled and highly knowledgeable experts that work diligently in their areas of design and data management
  • We capture the product attributes and information from reliable sources such as high-quality competitors and manufacturers’ websites, as well as printed and online catalogs
  • We offer Chat and Email Support Services to ensure the Customers experience is beyond expectations

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