Customer Support



Customer support outsourcing has gained ground in recent times, due to the uncertain economic scenario leading to companies concentrating on their core competencies. Customer support service outsourcing helps improve customer satisfaction levels at reduced costs. Since they do not need to develop and maintain these resources, Organisations are focussing on enhancing the customer service experience to build lasting relationships with consumers, increase customer loyalty and develop their branding

IDE’s Customer support offerings are exclusively through Email and Chat Support services.



24/7 Chat Services

  • Order Completion Assistance
  • E-Commerce Sales Assistance
  • Guiding Website Visitors on Navigation
  • Real-time answers to Customer’s queries will improve Customer Experience & Loyalty

24/7 Email Support

  • Technical Support, Customer Care, Order Fulfilment and Verification Services
  • Resolving Escalated cases
  • Real-time Email response services
  • Personalized Email Responses to every Customer round the clock



At IDE, we follow a methodical and completely enhanced channel of customer support through our enterprise solutions. We follow a system of sending out customized email replies to all customers throughout the year. Our team of professionals receives continuous training and interactive technical experiences to increase customer satisfaction.

To counter unpredictable challenges arising on software platforms, online tools and ordering, we provide support via email to help provide immediate solutions. Our team is dedicated to delivering site customers with technical support, order fulfilment and verification of pending and new orders.

What We Offer:

  • Immediate improvement to Customers’ core functionalities
  • Enhanced support to fulfil the needs of global corporations
  • Customer support services: 24 hours per day and 7 days a week.
  • Affordable, quality services that are budget friendly
  • Our happy customers lead to repeat business and possible referrals


We will be happy to assist you with your requirements!